19. junij 2022 - 21:00
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Book Publishing 101 and Book Publishers Seminar | Schiel & Denver Book Publishers | nedelja, 19. junij 2022

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers provides a line up of information book publishing, book publishing law, and how to find the right book publishers for your book.
The event will cover:

Choosing the right ISBN Book Publisher
Book Cover Design
Important aspects of book publishing law
Book Marketing and promoting your book for writers
How to get the most out of a booksigning
The dos and don'ts of local book marketing
Book publishing 101
Question & Answer Session From the Floor

If you'd like to attend the event, please register or send an email to Karen Handley at support@schieldenver.com or call 888.629.4449 or for UK book publishers, interested in making the journey to attend, please contact 0844 54 99 191. Interested parties can follow recommendations on book publishers blog.
We look forward to you attending the book publishers seminar.

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