01. december 2017 - 11:00
Autoteile, yorckstr. 70 10965 berlin / germany
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Taiki Arita art exhibition "Abstract & Silver" in Autoteile | petek, 01. december 2017

“ABSTRACT & SILVER” is an art exhibition by Taiki Arita, Japanese contemporary artist.
Opening night: 7pm - 11pm, December 1st, 2017
The title of exhibition is the opposite words of Foo Fighters’ latest album “Concrete And Gold.”

When I studied abroad in the United States, they were one of the best rock bands that I was ever moved. I‘ve been always moved by Rock music since I was teenager. Therefore, I aim to create art in the likeness rock music.

I express the energy, the sense of elation, saltation, speed, and destructiveness which rock music has by filtering through my own interpretive colors and shapes. When viewers stand in front of my works, I hope that they might feel as if they are listening to a heart-stirring rock music.

The part of this exhibition will be art against nuclear weapon.
since I was born in Hiroshima as a third generation of atomic bomb victim.




私というフィルターを通して、ロック音楽の放つエネルギー、 高揚感、 躍動感、疾走感、破壊性を独自の色彩や形に変化させて表現する。